16th August 2011

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Journal Entry #1 [NOY 2.0]

I haven’t written very much in a long time. I’m sure this fact is obvious to anyone who has ever enjoyed (or abhorred) reading our lengthy band/life/tour updates in the past. The last true entry may have very well been on Myspace (to put a perspective on the time gap). The truth is I really felt like I haven’t had too much to say in the last few years, other than in the songs I’ve written. I started feeling like I was being indulgent with my “blog” rantings. I’m now beginning to have a change of heart with that notion. The rebirth of a journal feels like this could be a very therapeutic venture for the band and myself, regardless of whether anyone other than myself reads it. 

So much has happened in the last few years, and why wouldn’t it have, right? The band took a healthy hiatus and I think we all kind of caught up on regular living for a couple of years. Up until then I had personally been touring full time since 1999 and I feel it’s safe to say that I’ve missed out on a lot of normal things, which I felt I was desperately craving. On the other hand, I have been so truly blessed to have had the opportunity to live a very adventurous, spontaneous, and abnormal  life by traveling the world and playing music for a living (although I wouldn’t call it much of a living, financially, but I’ve managed to squeak by). With that said, during our “hiatus” I got married to my beautiful wife and we just recently had our first child two months ago. He is a gorgeous baby boy. I’m terribly inspired by him. I have just started coming out of a severe writer’s block and I believe I owe it mostly to him. 

I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but now I know I actually mean it when I say that I am absorbing myself fully into Nightmare Of You again. I’ve missed the hell out of it. I don’t know just how full time it’s going to be at first because everything is kind of being built from the ground up again. With the exception of my best friend/guitar player, Joe McCaffrey, I honestly don’t even know who else will be in the band. It has essentially only been Joe and myself since taking our long vacation from dirty hotels and even dirtier venues. We wrote and demo-ed some songs here and there since then, but it’s been a very casual and loose process, writing wise, and that was kind of the point since we were on a break after all. 

As of now we’ve got about 8 songs that we know we definitely are proud of. We are not quite sure how we are going to be going about releasing music; whether it’s one song at a time, or an ep, or whatever. But there is a release being planned for the near future. We are working on booking some pre-production rehearsals and then proper studio time. As some of you may know, we have always released our own music on our own independent label, which is called The Bevonshire Label. It is hard work doing everything on your own. I think it would be a nice change of pace to put out this next release on a small indie label, but as of now, we are going to go in and record this thing completely by ourselves.  

Well, friends, that is the VERY short version of it all. Looking forward to getting back into your lives. Love, Brandon 

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